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From time to time, I receive a remark regarding the censorship of comments on my page, followed by the usual slogans about me or the model not accepting criticism.

The overwhelming majority of the girls on my pages are not professional models and I have difficulty sometimes arguing that largely serious people, artists, will comment on their nudity. Three of them until now have asked me to remove their entire portfolios because some people will insist on only writing about their anatomy.

I do not object at all when someone says something polite about the model. I object when the only purpose of the comment is her physique and nothing else, notably her "ass" and her "tits". Frankly, the models are not interested either to read meaningless comments about their eating habits, this is about photography, not their personal lifestyle. Is it too much to ask for the understanding of a grown up fellow artist on Deviant Art?

In no way does this infringe in any way on critiques passed on the quality of my work that I welcome warmly. The more severe, the happier I am, because it is what helps me to improve. I never fail to thank people that take the trouble to be constructive and more than once I have been saved in extremis by people that point out a fault, just before I moved to publication.

That said, I cannot possibly please everyone. If you don't like my attitude, I am certain there is lots of other work you can contemplate on DA without wasting your time on my page. I am not interested in having superman-style virtual duels on the net. Alike all of us, I have more important, real challenges to face in life.

I guess this is a moment of frustration that is understandable, given the anonymity of the net and the lack of empathy expressed by some people in this medium.

Of course I photograph girls. I try to do it however without the vulgarity that frequently accompanies this type of work and it would be nice, particularly for them, if it was considered accordingly. Thank you.


Please respect the models in your comments, thank you.
Current Residence: Paris ...
Favourite photographer: Predictable: Yussuf Karsh, de Diennes, Man Ray, Helmut Newton, Leni Riefenstahl
Favourite style of art: 15th/16th Century Flemish school and early South Indian/Tibetan bronzes
Personal Quote: BYRON: "I wish men to be free as much from mobs and Kings - from you as me".

My new book "Portrait of a Young Lady", 98 pages, you can view some of the content here ..…


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Also published :

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2. "P R I V A T E - R E C O L  L EC T IO N S  of the girl next door"
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6.  "C ON V ER S A T I O N   P I E C E S, my friend Gaia"… .. the personal life of a fashion model ..

You can browse through selected pages of all the books by pressing on the "PREVIEW" button.


"My photography"

Photography for me is largely about moments, moments that we seize and attempt to hold on to. I have no special aim otherwise, other than to try and produce some attractive pictures of my models. What I frequently enjoy doing is to photograph the girl next door, real persons that we can identify with and imagine that we know, in fact that we so often do. I like to show how they move around and behave when they are alone and natural. Many of the photographs are posed of course, but often when a girl is staying with me, I will follow her around and take  pictures of her at various intervals during the day. They soon get used to it and do not seem to be hindered by the intrusion.

Inevitably, some will always claim that to show a woman in her intimacy is derogatory, but  in that case I think that they have little understanding of the female personality. When a woman accepts to reveal herself in this manner, she expresses her self confidence and her power, not just over herself but over others too. It goes beyond defiance, it is a means of asserting her right to believe in who she is. The more sensual and feminine the photo, the more meaningful the result.

As for the models, I guess we choose them in accordance with the result we want. An elegant girl will look elegant in a photo too!  

I suppose one also needs some basic understanding of the camera, but possibly less than some may claim. I never felt that any of the "greats" of photography were technically proficient above all, other than in terms of lighting and composition. The more I visit galleries, museums and exhibitions, the more convinced I become of this. It can be annoying to those that spend hours fine tuning and perfecting their technique, but that is not what art is all about. When someone such as Pollock splashes paint on a canvas with a bucket and steps on it or Yoko Ono throws tomatoes on the wall, there is no special methodology involved, yet these are at the forefront of what the world considers art and creativity today. Of course these are extreme examples chosen so as to underline the point, but I think that art has more to do with impact and what feelings are evoked than with any special methods or technique used in making it. 

NB. Please do not ask me for the models' names or to send them messages. I am a photographer and neither a model agency nor a matrimonial service .. : -).  

The "cigarettes", the "wine" ..

I am surprised how often people comment on this in my photos. It is astonishing how puritanical and intrusive society has become.

A model will look more natural when she is doing something, holding a book, a wine glass, a cigarette, whatever. A cigarette is of particular interest to me in that it helps to emulate the cinematographic style of the 50's that I like so much (HumphreyBogart/Lauren Bacall). I don't think that any figure in a book by Alan Edgar Poe would feel at ease without one either .. surely that too is understandable.

The "Provocateurs"

I have often wondered what it is that drives some people to measure up to others by provoking them  anonymously on the net. Is it a search for identity, recognition or self assertion? I cannot help feeling that some form of inadequacy drives them to behave in this manner. After all, there are so many "real" challenges to be faced in life by those willing and able to confront them.

As a photographer of young ladies, I occasionally  find myself the target of such attention. I will humour them once, rarely twice, but then thankfully DA offers us the option to block them and they can go and express their frustrations somewhere else .. : -)

"Underaged Models"  and  "body weight"

Needless to say, all my models without exception are above 18 years old and have signed appropriate "release forms". Any messages to this end are a waste of everybody's time, mine in particular. Please stop fantasizing in this respect.

As for their "weight", another frequent aberration in the comments, all the models in my portfolio (other than one that has a metabolic disorder and deplores people being so ill mannered as to mention it),  have a perfectly normal BMI (Body Mass Index). This is a measureable unit that responds to medical criteria and has nothing to do with people's opinion on the matter. Sometimes  the models may seem a little too "perfect" which appears to irritate some people. But this is photography and we tend to idealize the world.

Repeatedly, I receive messages from young ladies on DA who feel threatened by the models on our pages. It is strange how politically correct it is considered to speak out against the pressures brought upon young people by the cosmetic industry, but strangely not that by the food and beverage companies that encourage people to eat junk food. The greatest cause of morbidity and mortality in the Western world today is not underweight, but OBESITY. Even moderate obesity  leads to hypertension, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer, not to mention obstructive sleep apnea and infertility in women. Furhermore, the Journal of Pediatrics reported recently that Obese women have 67% more chance of giving birth to autistic children. 

In July 2013, thankfully, the American Medical Association finally designated Obesity a "disease". 

Now these are the lessons that should be communicated to young people today and not this hysteria about women appearing to look too thin in magazines, making others feel threatened in comparison. 


Not related to Photography:


I have been reading up on "conspiracy":

Whenever things go wrong politically or people are unable to cope, they resort to conspiracy theories of varying content and degree. Plato described conspiracy as the impossibility to manage, the standard excuse for failure and inability to overcome weakness. This is particularly true at present in various countries of the Mediterranean, where extraordinary theories are brought forward to compensate for the incompetence and corruption that local governments have produced.

However, as Francois de La Rochefoucauld rightly said, the greatest evil comes from within and what we do to ourselves. No one is out to destroy us as some claim. We do everything necessary in order to destroy ourselves, and then we blame others for the outcome.

B. POLITICAL DEMAGOGUES: Extremism ... left or right, same thing.

Political demagogues, such as those that always surface in difficult times, feed on people's ignorance, weakness and stupidity. They express grandiose ideas about what should be done but are never able to suggest realistically how to do it. When confronted with the facts, they ignore reality and hide the truth, extolling surrealistic theories based on lies.

Equally influential to the extreme left are the right wing mavericks which, alike what happened during the build up to the third Reich, point the finger at the immigrants and other minority groups. They enforce security in the streets under the umbrella of national interest and bring support to the enfeebled with the purpose of gaining power, prestige (and votes) with the general population.

This is how "totalitarianism" begins, by feeding on the stupidity of the masses .. though astonishingly enough, even some educated people get drawn in, not least some I have communicated with on these pages. 


Personal:  People sometimes write and ask me who I am and what I do. I was a post-doctoral research fellow and lecturer in the cardiovascular field for several years before I moved to Industry - quantum mechanics and photography are my hobbies.

  • Reading: Quantum Gravity by Lee Smolin


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BaciuC Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Photographer
Good work. I love the simplicity, the lack of over processing, the sincere and daring attitude that your photography express.  Congratulations, some of the best work on dA.
JohnPeri Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy the work.

Wasterbull Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Hi John, I want say you I like your works, is so beautiful and the models make a great work. Nice shot in each photo.

Well, greetings!
JohnPeri Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017
Thank you Sebastian.
Pelicanh Featured By Owner Edited Jan 11, 2017  Professional Photographer
I'll echo the many comments here supporting you and your work. Personally, I don't know how you do it. I got so sick and tired of the "trolls", I just took all my nudes off the internet. I could care less what they would say about me (including having gotten 3 death threats!) but it bothered me to see what they would say about the models when I knew the models were reading those comments. Many times the models would read a horrid comment before I got the opportunity to delete it and block the troll. I currently have over 150 people blocked but rarely have to deal with it any more because of the absence of nudes.
As a professional photographer, I also found the DA offered no proportional return on my investment of time and energy. Plus theft was/is a consistent thorn in the flesh.
I even met with the headquarters guys and they have no solution to the troll/theft problem. No one on the internet seems to.
I wish you much success and if you are ever in Los Angeles, the beer is on me (or whatever you might want to drink) and also my studio is at your disposal. 
Keep up the good work!
JohnPeri Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2017
Thank you Michael, it is tedious at times and, as you rightly say, the models follow these postings and it often leads to much embarrassment. Also, I too reported a few days ago some stolen photos of mine that were re-posted on DA by another member and was informed that the culprit had received a warning, to which I answered why is not a proven thief expulsed  -  no answer followed.

Even when they do eventually get thrown up, they re-appear under another name. There appears to be no record of the IP addresses kept by the administrators. I can only speculate that this is in order to a maintain maximum membership to announce to advertisers. I do find it rather shameful, but then with the turn of politics today, we will have to get used to undignified behaviour.  

Thank you for your support my friend, John
Pelicanh Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2017  Professional Photographer
well deserved respect, John. And don't get me started on the stupid and embarrassing ignorance of our incoming administration. Okinawa looks like a nice warm lovely place to live! :)
DKZephyr Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017   Photographer
Hi JP,
I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your wonderful work here on DA.
Photography can sometimes be quite a solitary pursuit, but our imaginations thrive when we get the opportunity interact with our likeminded contemporaries.
Best wishes to you,
Mike (DKZephyr)
JohnPeri Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017
Many thanks Mike, a Happy New Year to you ...
payloader3 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016
Hello John, I was wondering if you have an opinion on LED lighting? 
JohnPeri Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016
Unfortunately no experience in this area ..
pontil Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2016
Why is selection321 posting your images?
JohnPeri Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016
I have no understanding of why people dothese things. If some people reported it, maybe it would stop. Thank you for your cncern.  John
gvgeorge Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016
Your work is excellent. In real life your models may not be seen as beautiful but you show them at their best. Everything from model selection to rapport to lighting to background  (apparently minimal) PP works together to create beauty.

I once read a suggestion you see into the real character of a shooter in looking at his or her work, If that's true, your's is exemplary. 
JohnPeri Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016
What a kind and generous comment to make, thank you. The real challenge is to capture the inner beauty that is there. It helps when you have a good rapport with the models and that must be cultivated and nurtured. 
Angelis1911 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello John,It's Darrin.I thought you should know that someone reposted your photos through their own gallery.I'm quite sure he didn't get permission.So see what you think and if you feel led to,report him.He's been posting other peoples work in groups I watch a lot lately.I'm sure that despite giving full credit to the photographers,I'm sure he doesn't have permission from them whatsoever.So see what you think okay?Have a great weekend my friend. :)


Mature Content

Untitled 1731 By Johnperi by selection321

Mature Content

Moments 182 by JohnPeri by selection321

Mature Content

Untitled 1744 by JohnPeri by selection321
JohnPeri Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016
Thank you for your concern. What is annoying is when people pretend that other's work is their pwn, it is not the case of this member who simply reposts selections, naming the authors in the process. Best wishes, John
Angelis1911 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're more than welcome John.I have seen this guy get kicked off of DA more than once.He stays away for a little while and then comes back.I try to look after my friends whenever someone does what this guy does.He seems to think that by giving full credit to someone,oblivious to having actual permission,is okay for him to do.But sadly,nothing I can do unless he reposts something of mine.Only the original owner can report him.But if you're not worried or wishing to report him,then I will leave that up to you my friend.If it were me,I'd report him but ultimately it's your decision John.So I will respect that. :nod: Have a great weekend my friend. :)

P.S. Loving the new posts.I thought the toilet photo was really kinda funny.But in a humorous way though. LOL Loving the ones of Coral though.She's among my favorite models getting posted here on DA.So definitely feel free to post tons of her photos.She's quite lovely. :) You do get blessed with some wonderful models.Ttys my friend.

:relaxed: :handshake: :) :manhug:
JohnPeri Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017
I wrote to the administrators, reported four photos. Thy answered that he got a warning.  A couple of days ago I reported yet another picture, but the fellow is still there, collecting other people's work whenever he wishes.  I am speculating, but I can only imagine that DA keeps the maximum of members online, even the Trolls, so that they can impress the advertisers with a huge number of membership. It's a real shame for our community. 
(1 Reply)
Phracker Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just a passing remark - feel free to delete it if you want.  I'm just curious, if you don't want to focus on your models' anatomy, then why do you shoot them in the nude?  The focus in nude photography is mainly on the model's body.  If an attractive person is nude on the Internet, then people are going to focus on their sexy body parts.  It's just human natures.  If you want people to focus on the facial expression or something like that, that's what portrait photography is for.  Also, a person can be sexually attracted to a model's body and still respect her.  The two are not mutually exclusive.  Just food for thought.  Anyway, I really love your work so far, so keep it up.
JohnPeri Featured By Owner Edited Oct 8, 2016
When a photographer photographs the Eiffel Tower, he expects adult fellow artists to comment on the photography, not the architecture or engineering. That said, as I point out on my front page, I have never objected to the models being mentioned, it is the content of the personal remarks that can sometimes be offensive, to the models especially.
VSConcepts Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2016  Professional Interface Designer
Hello my friend, have you stopped by to say hello, or to check on my progress..? ;)
VSConcepts Featured By Owner Edited Aug 27, 2016  Professional Interface Designer
I just want you to know my friend, that each day I log in to check the deviations that have been added.. Each day I comb through them all - and IF there is not at least one that you have shared.. I am immediately and directly sad. Your work inspires me. My eyes drink in the beauty you share, as if the images were cool refreshing water, and I am a parched desert traveller. When I come to the end of my journey and reach for the water, if it is not there, I collapse back into the sand, hoping that if I crawl just a little further, my endurance will be rewarded. 

:nod: It's true. C'est vrai!

Anyways. My shameless flattery aside, I saw you stop by my profile the other day. I thought I'd send you a friendly greeting! 

:wave: :dalove:
JohnPeri Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016
Once again, so kind and generous, thank you very much ...
VSConcepts Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016  Professional Interface Designer
The pleasure is mine mon ami. :handshake:
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