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December 13, 2013
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Love this one.

I know you don't like us commenting on the models but I do have to say. This one looks relaxed and comfortable which in turn makes the picture in itself as a work of art much better. I will admit, I don't like a few of your pics where at least to me they do not. (Just my opnion) Models, nude or otherwise are still part of the total image and where that image goes as art.

Wonderful work as always. Again, I am envious!
A second comment under this worthwhile remark. We cannot photograph people only where they smile. That said, what I feel may partly characterize my work  is that I photograph  people mostly from outside of the modelling world that I become friends with before, during or after the photo shoot. It is rare that I present any work in which the model is not at ease, and I would really challenge anyone to refer to me to photos where the contrary may show. You have every right to your opinion as you say, and I respect that totally, but it is very rare that anyone over the last ten years has suggested that my models look ill at ease, thankfully the contrary being most often the the view expressed, by the models in particular or they probably would not be there. Again, very best wishes, John
Thank you for passing by and for your comment. The models are an integral part of the composition. I think you may have misunderstood what I say on front page and sometimes repeat in these pages ..  what I don't like and the models appreciate even less than me, is when the comments regard ONLY the model, and very frequently more specifically different areas of her anatomy. I am certain you agree that we owe it to these young ladies to ensure that they are considered as contributing to art and not there just to display their nudity. Best wishes, John 
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